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Free Your Mind Counseling works because we build the skills that help you create the life you want. Here’s how it works:

How do I make an appointment for therapy? You call (or send me an email, that’s fine too). I will call or email you back (usually pretty quickly). We either (a) talk a little more about what’s happening with you and then make an appointment or (b) go ahead and set up an appointment.

How long is the first appointment?

The first session is about 55 minutes for individuals and 90 minutes for couples and families. That first session isn’t an assessment or evaluation or diagnostic process. We’re trying to accomplish at least two things in that first session: Deciding together if we’re a good match; and giving you some help, right away, with what it is you’ve come in for.

Do you take my insurance?

I am considered an out of Network provider for most major insurance companies. Many of my patients are able to receive reimbursement (or partial reimbursement) from their health insurance companies if they have out-of-network coverage. Consult your insurance plan to find out if you have out-of-network coverage, and what they’ll reimburse. You will be required to pay for your therapy and then get reimbursed by your insurance company. Our office is pleased to bill your insurance as an Out Of Network Provider. Please be aware that the majority of insurance companies do not cover marriage and family counseling. Additionally, insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis before covering claims.

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What is the difference between an agency and a therapist in Private Practice?

There are both similarities and differences between counselors that work in an agency or community mental health center versus counselors in private practice.

1. Similarity: Counselors in both have to have a masters degree in some type of counseling. Difference: Agency counselors are not required to be licensed, go through a two year supervision with a minimum of 1500 supervised clinical hours, passed the national competency exam, or have completed a degree program that is recognized by the Florida Department of Health.  

2. Similarity: Counselors in both see multiple clients weekly. Difference: The client load for counselors in agencies is exceedingly high. The agencies I have worked in had client loads ranging from 75-185. As you can imagine, this is difficult for one person to juggle, more difficult to give individualized attention, and almost impossible to do important session planning for each client. In private practice I limit my client load to 30 clients.

3. Similarity: Counselors in both see clients with a wide range of problems. Difference: There is a difference with regards to competency. In private practice I choose to only see clients who are struggling with issues that I have specialized education, knowledge and a track rate of success in treating. Counselors in an agency don’t get this luxury.


4. Similarity: Counselors in both use American Psychiatric Association approved treatments. Difference: Agencies are limited to cookie-cutter like treatment modalities because they have outside stakeholders to whom they have to please. Whether this is granting associations, insurance companies, or parent companies. You will typically be receiving only CBT in an agency. In private practice I am able to utilize many different therapeutic strategies and approaches so that you truly get care that is personalized to your individual needs.

5. Similarity: Counselors in both are legally bound to provide confidentiality to their clients. Difference: When you are going into an agency it’s hard to not feel like you are a number in a waiting room, and even sitting in the waiting room can sometimes breach your confidentiality by letting others know that you are seeking counseling. Difference: One of the biggest benefits of private practice is that it is small and private. You won’t have to sit in a waiting room with tons of people hoping that you won’t run into your neighbor.

Are you part of my work’s Employee Assistance Program(EAP)?

We are an approved employee assistance program provider for Ceridian, ComPsych and the GulfCoast Provider Network. These days most companies offer EAP benefits to their employees. If you work for a company that offers EAP benefits, getting started is easy.  Contact your company’s Human Resources Department to find out how to receive a referral. You will then call your EAP insurance provider and they will ask you a few questions and send the authorization form to your counselor who will take care of the rest. EAP is meant for short-term counseling, so most EAP companies will only authorize 3-5 sessions.

What are your Fees?

In office appointments are $125/hour for individuals and $175/hour for couples and families. Play Therapy is $100/hour. Workshops and CPRT trainings are $50/session.

*Please note that I try very hard to work with all of my clients on a rate that they can afford.  If you are experiencing severe financial hardships, a sliding scale fee may be available.  

Out of courtesy for our time together, please contact me with 24 hours notice if you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If this occurs more than once, you will be responsible for paying the full session fee.

If you have additional questions, or are ready to schedule an appointment, Contact Me Today! Because Your Happiness Matters.

Call: 941-451-7396



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T.B. reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“Searching for the right counselor is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I'm here to tell you that Free Your Mind Counseling Services has the right counselor, Grace. Grace provides non-judgmental and caring support to her clients. I highly recommend her, give her a try, you will not be disappointed.”

W.K. reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“Grace Moran is incredible at what she does. She is patient, professional, accommodating,and experienced. I would highly recommend her to any family or individual seeking counseling services!”

K.C. reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“Very easy to talk to. Non judgmental, kind, patient and wise beyond her years. Excellent confidante and counselor.”

Dr. Kimberly Benson, EdD, LMHC, CAP, CCTP, QS reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“Grace is a highly qualified and competent therapist within the community. She offers an environment of safety and trust which is essential in the healing therapeutic process. She has the ability to empathize with her clients and facilitate a process of growth and healing.”

2111 S. Tamiami Trail Osprey, FL 34229     941.451.7396

S.A. reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“For me finding a therapist was very difficult, It never felt quite right, I was always missing a connection, then I met Grace. I had finally found the person that heard me and understood me. She was exactly who I was looking for and what I needed. Yes she is kind, dedicated, educated and professional, but what I love the most is her passion for helping others. Grace will always be a part of my life.”


J.F. reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“I feel very comfortable working with Grace and that’s a rarity for me. I do listen to everything we talk about even though sometimes I’m not willing to take it in at that moment, and I always reflect on our sessions. I truly appreciate the fact that Grace has never given up on me. She continues to provide me with new perspective, faith, and belief in myself. I can’t thank her enough- I look forward to continuing to flourish.”- J.F.

Karen J. Murdock, LMFT reviewed Free Your Mind Counseling

“Grace is a very caring & compassionate therapist who offers quality services to her clients. Highly recommended.”

verified by Psychology Today